The MEK enterprise team has implemented hundreds of energy projects both in Ukraine and in other countries.

Experts of the International Energy Company also have experience in implementing the following projects:
Construction of power unit No. 4 of Cherepovets GRES based on steam-gas technology, unit No. 4 (PGU-420).
Construction of a complex for the processing of radioactive waste of the Rivne NPP.
Construction of the building of the technical center of automated remote control of metal at the Rivne NPP.
Technical re-equipment of the transport container handling system at power units 1, 2 of the RANPP VP (including the modernization of the fuel transshipment and transportation system of power units 1, 2 of the RANPP VP for the implementation of the spent nuclear fuel handling technology of the company “Holtec International”).
Technical re-equipment of the fuel overloading and transportation system for the implementation of the modified technology of handling spent nuclear fuel of the company “Holtec International” at power units No. 3, 4 of the VP RANPP.
Technical re-equipment. Modernization of safety control systems with replacement of unified complexes of technical means (UCTS) at power unit No. 3 of the Rivne NPP.
Technical re-equipment. Modernization of the system of normal operation important for the safety of the reactor compartment (SNE VB RV) at power unit No. 3 of the Rivne NPP (control and measuring devices of the subsystem, technical protection, blocking and signaling, automatic regulation and remote control system, equipment of the special corps of the ZN safety class).
Technical re-equipment of the complex of engineering and technical means of the physical protection system of power unit No. 3 at the Rivne NPP.

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