KIEP specializes in the design of nuclear power plants, thermal power plants and thermal power plants and has experience in the energy markets of Ukraine, Serbia, Croatia, Macedonia, Hungary, Iran, and a number of post-Soviet countries. The organization was created on the basis of the Teploenergoproekt institute (later the Kyiv branch of the Atomenergoproekt institute) founded in 1933.

KIEP has almost 90 years of history and provides a full range of services, which include the performance of pre-project works, development of complex project documentation, construction support, engineering support of NPPs and TPPs at all stages of the life cycle of their operation. KIEP experts also develop projects that ensure safe handling of radioactive waste and spent nuclear fuel at operating nuclear power plants and in the exclusion zone of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant.

Implemented projects:

  • Projects of temporary storage facilities for spent nuclear fuel (SNF) at the Chornobyl NPP site (SNF-1 and SNF-2) for RVPK-1000 fuel. The reconstruction of the first was successfully completed in 2012. Work on SVYAP-2 continues according to the developed plan.
  • The project of a centralized storage of spent nuclear fuel to solve the problem of storing spent nuclear fuel of Ukrainian NPPs. Based on the project approved by the Ukrainian government with the engineering support of KIEP, the nuclear fuel storage was put into operation in 2022.
  • Creation of complexes for the processing of solid radioactive waste (CP RAW) at NPPs of Ukraine. At the Rivne NPP, the introduction of such a complex was implemented in 2018, and at the Khmelnytsky NPP, a similar project is at the stage of purchasing equipment and developing documentation for the construction of the complex.
  • Dozens of NPP, TPP and CHP projects, including: Belene NPP (Bulgaria), Khmelnytska NPP (Ukraine), Rivne NPP (Ukraine), Chygyrinska NPP (Ukraine), Trypilska TPP (Ukraine), Ladyzhynska HPP (Ukraine), Darnytsk CHPP (Ukraine), Novobereznikovska CHPP (Russia), Norilsk CHPP (Russia), Havana CHPP (Cuba), Dibis CHPP (Iraq), Novi Sad CHPP (Serbia), Zagreb CHPP (Croatia) , TPP “Bitola-3” (Macedonia).